"All for the resources of one planet"
Flour of chicken viscera for feeding fish.
Contribute to the conservation of Lake Ahémé (Benin),
a polluted ecosystem.
Let us contribute to the conservation of Lake Nokoué (Benin), a highly diversified ecosystem.
Let us work for good agricultural practices and not an itinerant burn agriculture with a high negative impact on biodiversity and the environment.
Production of fly larvae from animal droppings, an alternative for sustainable agriculture (aquaculture, animal production etc).
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Created in 2016 but registered in 2018, CAPEBio (Environmental NGO) opts for the concrete defense of environmental causes such as the maintenance of biodiversity (threatened species, ecosystems, habitats), global warming, pollution (insecticides, herbicides, plastics, organic, etc...), air and atmospheric water quality, the protection of forests, soils and ecosystems. For our part, this defence involves the development of sustainable agriculture (animal, aquaculture and plant production), environmental education, climate advocacy, awareness-raising among the various stakeholders and biodiversity conservation.

The dynamism of the management team, the sharing and exchange of know-how between local actors, ecologists and producers, will make it possible to develop more profitable and ecological agricultural techniques.

CAPEBio operates mainly in Benin but collaborates with partners from different backgrounds for scientific, technical and financial support.

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